We were delighted to welcome recently the incredibly well respected travel journalist Brian Hancill of The Mirror, and the very talented food writer, Hattie Ellis, to Coruisk House. Their articles appear in the Testimonials sub-titles ‘Mirror Review’ and ‘Hungry Traveller’. Please do read the articles here to learn about our passion for good food! Thank you! We are always delighted to hear when our guests have enjoyed a stay or meal with us. It is the reason for our existence at Coruisk House. We are very proud that our customers love staying and dining at Coruisk House. Some of them feel compelled to let us know. Others are happy saying nothing. Either way, words or a knowing look speak volumes about the relationships we have with our guests – and our heartfelt thanks go to you all.

Fantastic hotel and restaurant


Magnificent food, lovely accommodation, fabulously friendly and welcoming

Claire and Ian were perfect!


A wonderful three days in Skye. Accommodation very good and the food superb. Claire was a very gracious and informative host. Will recommend to any friends travelling to Skye. A perfect base for three days of exploration.

Probably the best meals we have ever had!

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Warm and welcoming with fantastic food. Sue and I enjoyed our stay enormously and Iain rose to the challenge with varied and delicious vegetarian options for me.

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