Wedding FAQ’s!

How many people can you accommodate?

We have two double rooms in the main house upstairs (en-suite shower rooms in both), a suite of two double rooms upstairs in The
Steading, and a double room downstairs in The Steading (both have en-suite bathrooms).

How many people can you have to dinner?

A party of 12 is the largest size we can realistically accommodate.

The dinner is for 8 to 12 people – do I have to book the rooms as well?

Realistically yes. We are a very small restaurant, and our main priority is to cater for our
residents: if the rooms are not used by you, we will still have to cater for our existing residents
which will mean less space for your party in the restaurant.

Bill and Tasmin are not sure whether they are coming – can I let you know on the day?

Not really – we have to make all the arrangements for staffing and for fresh food in advance, so
that a late cancellation of some of your party will result in a cancellation charge or agreed set
menu dinner charge to cover these wasted costs. If Bill and Tasmin were also meant to stay in a
room, our cancellation policy does in some situations require the payment of the full room
charge – do have look at the policy in our main terms and conditions page. We recommend that
you always take out travel insurance​ which can help if unforeseen circumstances occur to
prevent your journey.

When do I need to book?

As soon as possible. Part of our charm is that we are very small, but that does mean that rooms
and restaurant tables are booked up quickly which might jeopardise whether we can
accommodate your party at all.


We do not generally play music in the restaurant. However, it may be possible to have
appropriate live music by advance arrangement. The restaurant is not however large enough or
suitable for dancing so that if a ceilidh or a disco is what you have in mind, we are not the
best place for you. Elgol Community Hall may be able to help.

Do we need to have a set menu?

Parties of 4 or less can dine from our usual daily a la carte menu. For parties of 5 or more it is
best to agree a set menu with us in advance. We can take you through the many delicious
options when you make your enquiry.

Cousin Ted is a fussy eater and only likes what he calls “plain food”. Can you cook him a
bit of chicken and boiled potato.

We have spent a lot of time putting our range of dishes together and making them as delicious
as possible, so preparing dishes that do not meet our own standards is not something that we
are happy to do. If members of your party are not happy to eat something from our range of
dishes featuring the best of Scottish Highland meats, fish and shellfish, then a restaurant
specialising in the best of Scottish Highland meats, fish and shellfish might not be the best place
for you.

I am gluten intolerant and my mother is a vegetarian.

That is fine. We have vegetarian and vegan options, and can manage the more common dietary
requirements such as gluten intolerance usually by omitting the offending item from the dish or
replacing it providing we have advance notice. However do bear in mind that our cooking uses a
wide range of ingredients (for example gluten and dairy products), and if any of your guests
have a wide range of intolerances there may come a point where we feel we are not happy that
the altered dish meets our own standards. When we talk to you about the menu choices, we will
ask about any intolerances and allergies in your group.

My Auntie Doris and her new boyfriend Toby are coming to the wedding in a campervan.
Can they park it overnight in your carpark and use our shower?

No, I’m afraid not. Our small car park is not suitable for campervans for a number of reasons,
and our rooms are let to our guests for their exclusive use. Campervan tourists tend to drive on
down to the harbour and beyond where a suitable spot will afford them magnificent views over
the sea and islands.

What will the weather be like?

Hopefully sunny, but this is the West Highland coast, so anything can happen, and usually does!
In particular, if you are planning to get married on the shores of Loch Coruisk, poor weather can
mean that the boat trip there has to be cancelled. You should always therefore consider a “plan
B” venue for the ceremony in case of poor weather – our small dining room is quite often used
for that (please enquire as to cost, availability and timing).

Can I use the room during the day to get ready?

We are happy for our residents to use their room to get ready (within our check in and check out times), but other wedding guests who
are not actually staying with us will need to make their own arrangements and come ready
suited and booted. (Also please bear in mind that if you are using the room during the time of
day when we would be cleaning it, we may not be able to tidy it for you.)

We are getting married at Loch Coruisk and will be taking a boat trip to get there. Are you
actually situated at the harbour?

No, we are at the other end the village, so you will have a 2 or 3 minute car journey down to the
harbour to meet your boat trip.

We would like to have a wedding cake – can you do that?

We don’t – but we can put you in touch with a cake maker in the village.

Can we have our wedding cake after the dinner?

That’s fine. We make a charge of £5 per person for serving the cake.

Any other questions – please ask. We are here to help!

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